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Head and Neuroanatomy, the third book in the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy series, combines concise explanatory text with stunning illustrations and key applications for the clinical setting. A stepwise organization guides the reader through the anatomy of the head, from cranial bones, ligaments, and joints to muscles, cranial nerves, topographical anatomy, and the anatomy of sensory organs. Comprehensive coverage of neuroanatomy describes isolated structures and also situates these structures within the larger functional systems.
  Since the THIEME Atlas of Anatomy is based on a fresh approach to the underlying subject matter itself, it was necessary to create for it an entirely new set of illustrations-a task that took eight years. Our goal was to provide illustrations that would compellingly demonstrate anatomical relations and concepts, revealing the underlying simplicity of the logic and order of human anatomy without sacrificing detail or aesthetics. ·查看全部>>
1 Cranial Bones
1.1 Skull, Lateral View
1.2 Skull, AnteriorView
1.3 Skull, Posterior View and Cranial Sutures
1.4 Exterior and Interior of the Calvaria
1.5 Base of the Skull, External View
1.6 Base of the Skull, Internal View
1.7 Orbit: Bones and Openings for Neurovascular Structures
1.8 Orbit and Neighboring Structures
1.9 Nose: Nasal Skeleton
1.10 Nose: Paranasal Sinuses
1.11 Temporal Bone
1.12 SphenoidBone
1.13 Occipital Bone and Ethmoid Bones
1.14 Hard Palate
1.15 Mandible and Hyoid Bone
1.16 Temporomandibular Joint
1.17 Temporomandibular Joint, Biomechanics
1.18 TheTeeth in situ
1.19 Permanent Teeth and the Dental Panoramic Tomogram
1.20 Individual Teeth
1.21 Deciduous Teeth
2 Muscles of the Head
2.1 Muscles of Facial Expression, Overview
2.2 Muscles of Facial Expression, Actions
2.3 Muscles of Mastication, Overview and Superficial Muscles
2.4 Muscles of Mastication, Deep Muscles
2.5 Muscles ofthe Head, Origins and Insertions
3 Blood Vessels of the Head and Neck
3.1 Arteries of the Head, Overview and External Carotid Artery
3.2 External Carotid Artery: Anterior, Medial, and Posterior Branches
3.3 External Carotid Artery: Terminal Branches
3.4 Internal Carotid Artery: Branches to Extracerebral Structures
3.5 Veins of the Head and Neck: Superficial Veins
3.6 Veins of the Head and Neck: Deep Veins
4 Cranial Nerves
4.1 Overview of the Cranial Nerves
4.2 Cranial Nerves: Brainstem Nuclei and Peripheral Ganglia
4.3 Cranial Nerves: Olfactory (CN Ⅰ) and Optic (CN Ⅱ)
4.4 Cranial Nerves of the Extraocular Muscles: Oculomotor (CN Ⅲ), Trochlear (CN Ⅳ), and Abducent (CN Ⅵ)
4.5 Cranial Nerves: Trigeminal (CN Ⅴ), Nuclei and Distribution.
4.6 Cranial Nerves: Trigeminal (CN Ⅴ), Divisions
4.7 Cranial Nerves: Facial (CN Ⅷ), Nuclei and Distribution
4.8 Cranial Nerves: Facial (CN Ⅶ), Branches
4.9 Cranial Nerves:Vestibulocochlear (CN Ⅷ)
4.10 Cranial Nerves: Glossopharyngeal (CN Ⅸ)
4.11 Cranial Nerves: Vagus (CN Ⅹ)
4.12 Cranial Nerves: Accessory (CN Ⅺ) and Hypoglossal (CN ⅩⅢ)
4.13 Neurovascular Pathways through the Base of the Skull, Synopsis
5 Topographical Anatomy
5.1 Face: Nerves and Vessels
5.2 Head, Lateral View: Superficial Layer
5.3 Head, Lateral View: Middle and Deep Layers
5.4 Infratemporal Fossa
5.5 Pterygopalatine Fossa
6 Oral Cavity
6.1 Oral Cavity, Overview
6.2 Tongue: Muscles and Mucosa
6.3 Tongue: Neurovascular Structures and Lymphatic Drainage
6.4 Oral Floor
6.5 Oral Cavity: Pharynx and Tonsils
6.6 Salivary Glands
7 Nose
7.1 Nose, Overview
7.2 Nasal Cavity: Neurovascular Supply
7.3 Nose and Paranasal Sinuses, Histology and Clinical Anatomy
8 Eye and Orbit
8.1 Eye and Orbital Region
8.2 Eye: Lacrimal Apparatus
8.3 Eyeball
8.4 Eye: Lens and Cornea
8.5 Eye: Iris and Ocular Chambers
8.6 Eye: Retina
8.7 Eye: Blood Supply
8,8 Orbit: Extraocular Muscles
8.9 Orbit: Subdivisions and Neurovascular Structures
8.10 Orbit: Topographical Anatomy
9 Ear and Vestibular Apparatus
9.1 Ear, Overview
9.2 External Ear: Auricle, Auditory Canal, and Tympanic Membrane
9.3 Middle Ear: Tympanic Cavity and Pharyngotympanic Tube
9.4 Middle Ear: Auditory Ossicles and Tympanic Cavity
9.5 Inner Ear, Overview
9.6 Ear: Auditory Apparatus
9.7 Inner Ear: Vestibular Apparatus
9.8 Ear: Blood Supply
10 Sectional Anatomy of the Head
10.1 Coronal Sections, Anterior Orbital Margin and Retrobulbar Space
10.2 Coronal Sections, Orbital Apex and Pituitary
10.3 Transverse Sections, Orbits and Optic Nerve
10.4 Transverse Sections, Sphenoid Sinus and Middle Nasal Concha
10.5 Transverse Sections, Nasopharynx and Median Atlantoaxial Joint
10.6 Midsagittal Section, Nasal Septum and Medial Orbital Wall
10.7 Sagittal Sections, inner Third and Center of the Orbit
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